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Notes from During Developing PHP WordPress Software

I updated the mzz-stat Software PHP WordPress plugin to use native WordPress database calls to select the count of page hits from the database.

I tried to set up git to push to github.com, but didn’t succeed so for now went back to using text files and pasting in the github.com interface. I’ll have to try again later to adopt git for this.

Next week I’ll make the database inserts for the mzz-stat plugin use the native database calls. Then make native install/uninstall script part of the plugin.

I consider how soon it’ll be ready for submitting the mzz-stat plugin to the wordpress plugins repository.

I read up on, and subsequently make note of, what needs to be done — 4 steps that I need to to to make this happen (to make the plugin be ready for submission to the WP.org repo). They mostly involve documenting my plugin well, as I see the Codex says that’s needed prior to publishing a plugin on the official WordPress repository.

The 4 things:
To submit plugin to WordPress repo, I should be very clear about these. Document these:
– What does the plugin do? (What’s its purpose– what problem does it solve– why was it created and why does it exist?)
– How to use and install the plugin?
– How to get support for the plugin?
– Where to get/ download the plugin?

I’m also considering rather than working on my mzz-stat a plugin, insted finding an actual other user or plugin (developer) , and trying to work with them to help themn write a plugin to solve their problem.

In any case, an idea is that in order for my work to matter, two criteria need be met: 1. I need to have at least one user other than myself actively using the plugin, and 2. The plugin needs to be on the WordPress plugins repository.

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