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As a Software Developer Some Things I have Developed

As a Software Developer here are some things on which I’ve worked.

– Integrated QR code label-printing, and QR code scanning functionality into a PHP script.
– Merged a heavily modified branch of PHP code back into the trunk.
– In PHP and SQL, to control how a scheduled report is calculated, fixed a program’s date-calculation code.
– In PHP, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, and CSS, modified a program to, on the web page, display photos and a working email form.
– Patched a VBScript HTA program in the way it read from and wrote to the Windows registry.
– Talked with the stakeholder on how to add their desired serial/bulk data-object processing functionality to a PHP + SQL -based program, and then created (wrote) a textual plan of how the new functionality would work.
– Fixed a user-reported bug in a PHP + SQL application — corrected it to draw the data from the correct location.

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