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Software Support and Development Engineer Techniques to Only do Important Tasks and Not Do Bullshit Tasks

For every task in my calendar, before I do it and periodically while working on it, use *feeling* (emotion) to determine whether to keep working on the task or to break from it.

Before and periodically, recall *why* this task is important (the reason for doing it –the overall goal of it).

Then do this.

If I feel this is what I should be working on, and I can remember why I’m working on it, then do it– keep doing it and get it done fast!

If I either feel this isn’t what I should be working on, or I can’t remember why I’m working on it, then do the following.

Ask the next-closest stakeholder to remind me why this is important.

If the other stakeholder replies its not important, or if the other stakeholder doesn’t reply, (or if there is no other stakeholder,) then drop the task! Drop it like it’s hot! (permanently/immediately drop it off my calendar/ list, and don’t worry — if the task really is/was important then it will come up again and can again be re-added to my calendar/list)

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