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For a Software Development and Support Engineer Finances are Important

For a Software Development and Support Engineer finances are important. Reviewing finances, personal accounting, and balancing one’s checkbook is important for a Software Development and Support Engineer.

Isn’t this as important to the next person as it is to a Software Development and Support Engineer? Yes, it is important for everyone, and also for a Software Development and Support Engineer too.

So why is it important for us? Its important because finances are a measurer, and an enabler, of high performance and high pay.

As a Software Development and Support Engineer if one isn’t comfortable with the state of one’s finances then it affects one’s job and one’s job affects it. If one looks and sees that one’s frugal and is following a financially sustainable plan, but that one’s not earning enough, then that could be an indicator either that one’s not in a challenging role that commands a high pay, or that one’s company’s not paying enough. In ths case, one thing one can do is, while keeping performing high as always, ask for a raise, or look for a better opportunity. In either case, the point is that one should be in, or looking for, a role with a company that both demands high performance and pays well!

If one’s overspending or generating debt without a plan to pay it off, or without the income to pay it off, then that will negatively affect one’s Software Development and Support Engineer job performance and negatively affect one’s career. Daily/Weekly/Monthly looking at one’s finances will help one see whether one’s overspending and then one will know it and then one will be able to start to address it.

If a Software Development and Support Engineer looks and sees healthy finances, then great! That means one may not need to seek career changes; they can then continue to focus on maintaining a/that high level of performance. Or if one’s all set financially then go volunteer to contribute development and support engineering efforts to an open source project, or whatever one wants to build one’s career. Or go back and get a (second) software engineering degree. Or a finance/accounting degree 😉 If one’s checkbook is balanced and one’s finances are healthy, then that gives a Software Development and Support Engineer more career choices, not fewer career choices.

Here’s the summary of this pep-talk; it’s important for a Software Development and Support Engineer to look at one’s finances regularly, and look at them often. What one sees there can be an indicator of a high-achieving career and can be an enabler of a high-achieving career. So go! Go out there and sit down and balance that checkbook, fellow Software Development and Support Engineers, and let’s figure out whether our finances are in order. Then find out what we need to do to get them in order, and do it. It’ll make us better Software Development and Support Engineers.

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