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Recap of 2016-04-10 Open Source Volunteer Software Development and Support Engineer “Mentorship”

Previously I had blogged about my plan for my Open Source Volunteer Software Development and Support Engineer “Mentorship” ( http://wieldlinux.com/2016.php?2016-04-10#2016-04-10 ) I proposed to chat, support, and report on WordPress support for thirty days.

This is the follow-up “final report” of what I learned!

I learned that I wanted to spend more time in-person with colleagues, and spend more time working with geographically local colleagues. Especially during the last 5 days, I tended/switched to calling local colleagues on the phone, and planning to go to the local April 2016 Boston WordPress meetup in-person. I’m disappointed I couldn’t make it through the project fully, however I’m joyful that I switched my focus more to professional networking with geographically local software-development-and-support professionals on the phone and in-person.

I learned I didn’t have the endurance, grit, or focus to finish the Work-project. Partway through, I blogged again to change the project proposal, proposing to shorten the project length and double the daily office-hours length. ( http://wieldlinux.com/2016.php?2016-04-15#2016-04-15 ) However in the end I only ended up actively volunteering on 8 of the 15 days.

I also learned about the following:

Olsen Light theme. https://wordpress.org/support/topic/streched-paypal-buttons-how-to-unstrech-them?replies=5#post-8254375
A bit about a couple of my public forums colleagues in the slack #forums channel.

Some options for hosting an RSS feed, i.e. the existence of Tiny Tiny RSS ( https://tt-rss.org )

Yikes mail chimp plugin and Shortcodes In Menus plugin.

A bit about trying to make a GDP map of cities using the Visualizer plugin https://wordpress.org/support/topic/problem-with-regions?replies=4

I chuckled because of the language creativity when I read what I suspect is the coining of the phrase “…I’m facepalming the hell out of this. …” written by a plugin author on the public forums ( https://wordpress.org/support/topic/please-backup-more-than-db-wp-content?replies=14#post-8143933 )

I think what I may have been looking for in the first place was to learn, but also to in-person network with local Software Developers.

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