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PHP HTML Calendar Codes for Studying how a Calendar can Work in LAMP

As a Software Development and Support Engineer, I’m interested in calendar computer scripts because practically everyone uses a calendar every day, and a calendar is included as a sub-part of many other computer applications, even if the application itself isn’t a calendar application per se. Understanding how a calendar works in computing means understanding about how times and dates work in computing. By learning how a calendar script works, I believe it will help me grow as a Software Development and Support Engineer, to develop applications that use calendars, dates, and times, and to support users in using applications that use calendars, dates, and times.

I found two relatively simple examples of source code for a PHP calendar script. I can use these to study and learn how the code for a calendar LAMP web application can work.

The calendar example from Chapter 24 of: “Sams Teach Yourself PHP, MySQL and Apache” by Julie Meloni

Sugar Events Calendar Lite (plugin for WordPress) ( https://wordpress.org/plugins/sugar-calendar-lite/ )

The former is a PHP/MySQL powered calendar. I was lucky to get access to a copy of the book from my city library. The latter is a WordPress plugin (ultimately powered by PHP/MySQL but through WordPress) downloadable for free from WordPress.org.

These are two source code scripts that as a Software Development and Support Engineer, I can use to study how a PHP calendar script can work.

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