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Maintain the Best Day-job Salarformance and Blog It

A while back I had the idea that salary (pay rate) was connected to performance. I thought of calling the concept in this idea one’s “Salarformance” or one’s “Performalary”.

I had the idea that under this paradigm, motivation to get a high salary would motivate me to perform well. I told myself that I would have to keep in mind that I was producing the day-job salarformance for myself. I told myself that is where all of my motivation would come from.

However althought I knew salary was important, and was to an extent motivating, I still had this feeling that I was missing the motivation that came somehow from a feeling of alignment of my career goals with the goals of my then-current day-job. And I still thought about how would my performance at my job stay aligned with others in the industry at different organizations, how would I develop skills, and would I have to blog about my salarformance experience in order to stay in touch with other professionals? I thought my professional blog would tie my private then-current day-job to other similar industry-wide day-jobs and thus would be my career. “Blog it or it didn’t happen”, I thought.

The conclusion it seems is that salary is not that closely tied to performance. It is more related to other motivations; driven-by / tied-to industry knowledge, professional career goals, and sharing/blogging with others. I’m still figuring this part out.

To recap, the guidelines of my career remix of that time had been:

My number one career remix goal was “the best day-job salarformance and blog it”

I’d focus all my effort on getting-the-best-day-job-salary-by-way-of-improving-my-day-job-performance-and-blogging-it

I’d take notes as I go and I’d blog about what I had learned.

However in hindsight, in summary and upon reflection, the conclusion is that although its important and the salary isn’t what motivates peformance. Although I’m still figuring it out, salarformance is tied to alignment of job with career-goals, aligning with others in the industry, and blogging/sharing with others.

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