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Inspired by the Persona of Jeff Vincent – Clearing my Calendar to Zero and Managing my Software Developer Career and Managing my Life

I became exposed to the persona of Jeff Vincent through supportops.co podcast about two years ago. Jeff’s comments have inspired me. Today I read some posts on Jeff’s blog, and read the post “Zero” which I’d read before. http://jeffvincent.me/zero

In the post he wrote “Instead of supporting the status quo of recurring meetings, I re-examined each for it’s value…”

This time around reading this, I’m inspired to action. As a result, I am clearing my calendar to empty, and re-adding only the essential items. It feels great and is taking the weight of unnecessary to-do items out of my life.

( and, also inspired by Jeff’s blog post, I am keeping in mind: “…(if they are really important, they’ll come back)….” — as Jeff wrote in his other “The White-Space Day” post on a similar topic ( http://jeffvincent.me/zeroing-out ) )

Thanks to Jeff for having blogged this. I’m glad I read it. I’ve become inspired, acted on it, and it is helping me manage my Software Developer career and manage my life.

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