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Spend a Medium Amount of Time Each Day Talking With Colleagues


Even though it’s the first part of my twitter bio (blog tag line too), I may not blog about it a lot. It’s time to blog about talking with a colleague. that’s what this post is about. (twitter bio: “Talk with a colleague, wield Linux to solve a job, write it down and then tweet it.”)

As a Software Support and Development Engineer, I need to spend a medium amount of time each day talking to colleagues.

Ok, but what does this even mean?

I mean, it’s not good to too-quickly rush by colleagues every day, either not saying hi or merely saying a quick hi. At the same time, it’s also not necessary to go too far and strain oneself to try and grab breakfast or lunch with each one of my colleagues every single day.

I mean that people like to spend a medium amount of time talking. If there’s less to say, then the conversation could end after half a minute naturally. Or if there’s more to say then the conversation could go on for ten, fifteen, or more minutes naturally.

What’s the benefit? It’s normal, it will allow an engineer to fit in, will allow for a healthy life and career that wouldn’t be possible. If too rushed or too strained, or if one talks too little or too much with colleagues, then an engineer will have a hard time fitting in.

In conclusion, when striking up (going into) a daily “hello” type of conversation with each of my colleagues, as a Software Support and Development Engineer I should expect to be able to spend a medium amount of time.

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