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2015 Blog Posts

 2015-12-01 - WordCamp European Union (WCEU) Support Contributor Day Descends upon the WordPress.org Slack Chat Channel

 2015-11-01 - It is Important for a Software Support Engineer to Respond to Software User Concerns

 2015-10-24 - A Support Engineer Following Procedure Every time is not Productive so to Add Value I Will Pursue the Realistic Custom Solution to Each Individual Case

 2015-10-17 - Once Again to Start Counting Hits to my WordPress Powered Website I have Installed CrazyStat Along with the Mzz Include CrazyStat WordPress Plugin

 2015-10-10 - For a Software Support and Development Engineer it is Good to Work Together with Other Team Members and it is Good to Work on an Important Task

 2015-10-03 - As a Software Support and Development Engineer What I Do and What I Produce

 2015-10-01 - Description of A Personal File Backup Strategy that Mitigates Risk and Comforts Me

 2015-09-26 - Do not Say No To a Web Development or Software Support Client – Instead Refer them to a Capable Party

 2015-09-19 - How to solve phpLiteAdmin – ERROR: unable to open database file…

 2015-09-12 - Samsung Galaxy Where is the Search Bar?

 2015-09-05 - Beast Mode Responding to Emails for an Hour Straight has Really been Working for me

 2015-09-01 - In IT to Solve an Issue I Need Time Motivation Knowledge Access and Tools

 2015-08-29 - iPad not Recognizing the Fact that Reflector is Running on MacBook – How to Fix

 2015-08-22 - A Description of How a Feature of the Software Works is itself a Feature of the Software

 2015-08-16 - I want to enable SSH into my Server – How? And how about enabling FTP access?

 2015-08-15 - This is an Amazing Complete WordPress.org Software Support Conversation

 2015-08-14 - To-Do List for Mzzstat WordPress Plugin

 2015-08-10 - Mzzstat Site Stats Plugin for a WordPress Site

 2015-08-08 - Adding Tracking to Links back to WordPress-powered Website and Reporting on them with CrazyStat

 2015-08-07 - HTML Form With JavaScript – How to Make the First Text Field Autofocus

 2015-08-01 - Low-Cost from Existing Home Internet Service and Server and Domain Name – How to Serve a Website

 2015-07-31 - Blog Script that Acts as a Home Index Page to a Blog

 2015-07-25 - My Dream Job in Software Support and Development

 2015-07-18 - Follow-up Notes on Reading 30 wordpress.org Support Forum Posts Per Day for 30 Days (or “A Month Without Pants?”)

 2015-07-11 - Service Desk Case Tracker Setting up Email Notifications for all Significant Case Activity in Desk.com

 2015-07-04 - Skype Brilliantly Asks if I Want to Update the Next Time I Start Skype

 2015-07-01 - How to Reset a Linux Server’s MySQL Server Root Password

 2015-06-27 - In phpLiteAdmin for CURRENT_TIMESTAMP Function How do I Force the Timestamp to Non-UTC?

 2015-06-20 - Mac Mail Mark as Read Keyboard Shortcut

 2015-06-13 - 2015-06-13 a Food Image

 2015-06-12 - On Reading on the WordPress.org Support Forums

 2015-06-10 - Mac Safari how to Deny Push Notifications from a Website

 2015-06-01 - A Simple Measurable Way to Contribute to an Open Source Software Project

 2015-05-30 - Using Apple Calendar as a Task Manager

 2015-05-23 - MySQL Instead of a Spreadsheet for Viewing a Large CSV File

 2015-05-13 - For Blog Posts Moving Away From WordPress To LibreOffice

 2015-05-01 - Gigaom Podcast Describes on Ubuntu on Chrome Browser Making Netflix Work

 2015-04-30 - One mysqldump per DB vs One mysqldump for All DBs

 2015-04-28 - HTML Base-64 Encode an Image to Make a Single HTML File which Contains the Text and Image

 2015-04-27 - Notes on Whom A Software Support Engineer is Serving

 2015-04-27 - Strategy for Supporting a Software Customer

 2015-04-26 - not all databases need to be backed up nightly

 2015-04-18 - MacBook Pro has Keyboard Keys to Dim and Brighten the Monitor Screen

 2015-04-01 - In PHPLiteAdmin the Arrow Indicates the Sort Direction Ascending Versus Descending

 2015-03-28 - PhpMyAdmin Complete Inserts Vs. Extended Inserts

 2015-03-21 - Today is the Day that I Start Saving all my Passwords Into my Web Browser

 2015-03-14 - (accidentally dropped one of my production databases)

 2015-03-07 - Review of 2014-Oct-8th Gigaom Chrome Show Podcast on What Chrome and Chromebook Is and Isn’t

 2015-03-01 - Quantifying my Software Support Engineer Performance

 2015-02-21 - 2015-02-21 I wanted to merge an old lyrics table...

 2015-02-17 - Further Similarities Between Medical Professional and Software Support

 2015-02-10 - How to make your own copy of a dual language chinese/english dictionary using phpmyadmin

 2015-02-03 - Chrome Browser New Tab Window Shows my Bookmarks

 2015-01-23 - In a Spreadsheet How to Merge Cells so Multiple Cells Act Like One Spreadsheet Cell

 2015-01-16 - When a Software Support Engineer Views a Case Desk.com Records an Audit Log Entry

 2015-01-01 - With LibreOffice I Will Password Encrypt my Secret Text Note