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Once Again to Start Counting Hits to my WordPress Powered Website I have Installed CrazyStat Along with the Mzz Include CrazyStat WordPress Plugin

Since I moved my WordPress site some months back, I haven’t had any hit counter or stats counter on my WordPress-powered website.

Now that the site’s been up and running and I’ve continued blogging, I’m once again curious to know about traffic to my site.

Like last year, I want a seamless way to include the CrazyStat script into my WordPress website, sOooo…. …I used the mzz-include-crazystat plugin which is a small plugin that I wrote that does one thing– includes the CrazyStat include code dynamically onto every page of a WordPress site. ( https://github.com/mjassen/mzz-include-crazystat )

So like I had last year, I once again installed the CrazyStat script on my site. I downloaded it from:


I did find that I had to do a quick re-read of the CrazyStat’s readme file:

(root of the downloaded CrazyStat script folder)/CrazyStat_1-71_RC1/stat/doc/README_en.html

Screenshot upon having instlled the CrazyStat script but not yet linked it to the WordPress install:

Screenshot after having linked it to the WordPress install with the mzz-include-crazystat plugin and having visited a couple of pages:

That’s how I once again started counting traffic to my WordPress-powered blog.

[2019 edit: Moved to: https://investorworker.com/2015/... .html.]