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For a Software Support and Development Engineer it is Good to Work Together with Other Team Members and it is Good to Work on an Important Task

It’s desirable for a Software Support and Development Engineer to attain the social, economic (business) pattern of being part of a core group of colleagues working together on what’s important to the business. This is as opposed to being an individual apart from colleagues, working independently on a less important task (or tasks).

The former should be the way a business operates. The latter is sad and isn’t the way a business should operate. Colleagues working together will produce better results than an individual colleague working alone.

Therefore the result will tend to be, on average in such situations, that the group of colleagues will produce a good result on the important task, and the individual colleague will produce a poor result on the unimportant task.

I think it would be good like this: everyone works together on the important tasks, and no one works on the unimportant task.

But another lesson in this situation is that each individual should strive to work not alone but should work together with colleagues, and furthermore each individual should strive to work not on an unimportant task but on an important task.

In conclusion; working alone, and working on an unimportant task, are sad and should be avoided by everyone in a business. Working together, and working on an important task, is better for everyone in a business.

Excuse me, now I will go call a colleague to work together with them on my software project.

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