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Description of A Personal File Backup Strategy that Mitigates Risk and Comforts Me

My personal file backup strategy has matured to where it’s relatively quick and I’m comfortable with it.

It involves a local disk, a backup disk and weekly or monthly calendar reminders.

I keep most of my daily, weekly and monthly needed files on a disk “Disk A” that’s accessible throughout the day each day.

Once a week I back this disk up to another disk “Disk B” that’s in a separate location (not always accessible throughout the day)

I have a calendar reminder, that I follow strictly on the same day each week, to help me remember to do this weekly backup.

That’s it really. That’s my backup strategy that it’s taken me years to perfect. It’s simple but effective. It mitigates/reduces the risk of me losing all my files.

In addition, I have some files in other locations “Disks C and D”, that I access and use on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, that are important to me. The way I handle this is that for each of these important files, I set either a weekly or monthly calendar reminder to back them up *onto “Disk A”*. Since Disk A is accessible to me thoughout the day, It’s easy to back up these important files from “Disks C and D” onto “Disk A”. And of course the weekly backup onto “Disk B” ensures that files from all locations (A, C, and D) ultimately, weekly, end up on “Disk B”.

Over the years I’ve matured my personal file backup strategy to where it’s relatively quick, I’m comfortable with it, and it mitigates the risk of me losing files.

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