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Do not Say No To a Web Development or Software Support Client – Instead Refer them to a Capable Party

On WP watercooler, EP134 – WordPress freelancer pricing with legacy clients

, at 05min.:32sec., Chris Lema talks about “Let me introduce you to someone…” (who can do a given WordPress job at a lower pay rate than he can).

Chris Lema’s point is if a Web Developer is asked by a client to do something at a lower rate than the Web Developer generally charges, then rather than to just say sorry I can’t do it at that rate, it’s better for everyone involved for the Web Developer to at least refer the client to another person who can do the job at that rate.

A second example supporting this idea is this tweet from @christinainge ( https://twitter.com/christinainge ) https://twitter.com/christinainge/statu...769 I think this tweet embodies a a similar idea, this time with referring the potential client to a training workshop: “…if you need affordable WordPress…”

How about for Software Support Engineer? In Software Support, perhaps the way to do this is to, instead of saying no to a feature request, or saying no to a professional services request, instead refer them to someone inside (or outside) of my company, who is better equipped to do what they want. For example refer them to a sales person in my company, or if its a question of customizing an extensible part of the software then refer them to an approved contractor to scope the work!

Anyways, the idea is to don’t *only* say no to a Web Development client’s request (or to a Software Support client’s request) and try to end the conversation there, instead, while saying no to the client’s request, at the same time refer the client to someone who can better help them. This is better for everyone involved.

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