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How to solve phpLiteAdmin – ERROR: unable to open database file…

Applies to:
Ubuntu 12.04
Apache 2.2.22
phpLiteAdmin v.1.9.5

With phpLiteAdmin. I had just “installed” the .php script (put it in its own empty directory on my web server.)

I got a message I can’t create a new database. So I put a preexisting one there.
Then I tried to drop a view in that database.

I got:
ERROR: unable to open database file…


I logged into my Linux server’s gui and I tried modifying the permissions on the database to allow setting “others” to Read and write. But still couldn’t drop the view.
Then I tried modding permissions on the directory containing the database.

What worked for me finally:

On the directory containing the sqlite database, I right-clicked on the directory and chose Properties. Clicked on the Permissions tab. Set “Others > Folder access:” to “Create and delete files” and its File access: to “Read and write”, and clicked the “Apply Permissions to Enclosed Files” button.


I’m not sure whether this is the best nor most secure way of solving this. But it fixed it for me- now I can log in to phpLiteAdmin and delete the view without seeing the “ERROR: unable to open database file…” message.

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