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Samsung Galaxy Where is the Search Bar?

I wanted to know on Samsung Galaxy where is search bar. I wanted to know on galaxy tablet how to open search dialog. For a Galaxy Tab S.(SAMSUNG-SM-T807A)

Finally I discovered that if one swipes one’s finger from the top of the tablet’s screen downward, in the Notification Panel that appears there is “S Finder”. I touch S Finder and it brings up a search dialog.

In my case I want to find the device’s screen brightness settings utility. I type in brightness and it does lead me to the brightness utility.

Afterwards I also found another way to bring up a search bar, is to tap the gear button (the Settings button) which brings me to settings. In the Settings panel, in the upper-right there is a Search button (Magnifying glass icon) that when touched brings up the search dialog.

On the Samsung Galaxy Tab S that’s how to bring up the search bar.

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