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Beast Mode Responding to Emails for an Hour Straight has Really been Working for me

As a Software Support Engineer, “Beast Mode” responding for emails for an hour straight) has really been working for me. I am getting things done and also can feel that I’m getting things done– while in Beast mode, I’m producing a high volume of replies, and am at a high frequency sending replies to clients.

I learned of this technique, and learned to call it “Beast Mode”, from SupportOps.co podcast – an episode where Carolyn says that Carolyn and Carolyn’s associate do this.

The technique is to turn off distractions and reply to written emails for an hour straight without doing anything else, and then stop at the 1 hour mark and go take a break or something.

Update: Actually, three months after my original writing of this blog post draft, I find that I ran into trouble with beast mode. I find that sometimes another calendar event pushes beast mode off of its spot on my calendar and I don’t make it into beast mode for that day! Now having re-read my own blog post and after retrospection, I’m going to renew my strategy, and watch out for this caveat to beast mode! If it’s going to work, I’ll have to turn off all distractions and never move the beast-mode-calendar-reminder from its spot on my calendar!

For a Software Support Engineer their role is to *produce* messages (produce a high quantity of written messages) and send messages with high frequency. Thus beast mode if executed strictly, boosts the Software Support Engineer’s performance immensely.

I believe It was this Support Ops podcast episode that I learned about Beast Mode: Episode #12 – Beastmode with Carolyn Kopprasch ( http://supportops.co/beastmode-with-carolyn-kopprasch/ )

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