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iPad not Recognizing the Fact that Reflector is Running on MacBook – How to Fix

Applies to:
Squirrels Reflector v. for Mac (either on or before this version)
iPad Model #A1459

It’s happened a few times that my iPad hasn’t registered the fact that Reflector is running on my MacBook. In other words I swiped up from the bottom of the iPad screen to reveal Control Center, but there was no “AirPlay” option there as usual. See below for the fix.

I searched Bing.com for:
ipad no option for reflector

And found this article:
airplay stopped connecting to Reflector program on my PC ( https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4595171?start=0&tstart=0 )

One of the suggestions there fixed this for me. But the original poster didn’t say that was what fixed it for them. But it fixed it for me.

The fix/workaround:
In the iPad Control Center I disabled then enabled the wireless. (tapped the WiFi icon to turn WiFi off/on again) This immediately fixed (worked-around) the issue– upon tapping the wireless icon off/on, the AirPlay option appeared.

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