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I want to enable SSH into my Server – How? And how about enabling FTP access?

Applies to:
– Ubuntu Linux server

I want to enable SSH into my server – how can I, and, how about enabling FTP access? My motivation is that as a Software Support and Development Engineer, I need to be able to better go troubleshoot a WordPress plugin symptom that I’m seeing for a WordPress plugin only on my live server but not on my test/localhost site.

I got on Bing and Google, and found some guides to help me. And here’s how I did it.

Part I.

First, I followed this guide to enable SSH server:
Ubuntu SSH: How To Enable Secure Shell in Ubuntu ( http://www.unixtutorial.org/2009/05/ubuntu-ssh-how-to-enable-secure-shell-in-ubuntu )

That seemed to go well, but then when I tried to connect using:
$ ssh

, I got an error, including the messages:
“Permission denied, please try again.”, and “Permission denied (publickey,password).”

So I got on Bing and Google again, and used this guide:
ssh — Permission denied (publickey,password,keyboard-interactive). ( http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-networking-3/ssh-permission-denied-publickey-password-keyboard-interactive-405049/ )

Then I did port forwarding in my router, so that I could reach my SSH server from the outside.

Finally, I used this to connect:
$ ssh joe@

I was done installing SSH server! I was glad that in this case, the above took no more than an hour’s time to enable SSH.

Then I took a break. A software Support and Development Engineer needs time to regroup and attack the problem fresh.

Part II.

Second, I then proceed to enable FTP access. I got on Bing and Google and found guides how to install/enable FTP server.

Guides to install ftp server:

Since I was now able to SSH into my server, now I decided to try to configure the FTP server all using terminal. But I needed to brush up on my vi commands. I found these guides on vi commands:

That FTP server install seemed to go well.

Then I did port forwarding in my router, so that I could reach my FTP server from the outside.

Although the FTP server install had seemed to go well, now when trying to connect I got an error.

This time I could actually draw on my past experience installing FTP server a few years back, and I felt that it was probably the same problem as that last time — I probably had to enable pasv mode. I got on Bing and Google again, and found these guides:

I followed the guides and then could connect! I was done installing FTP server!

In conclusion, it was the second server on which I’ve configured FTP server access, and the first on which I can remember that I’ve configured SSH access. I’d say it took about two hours total. I’m glad I’m getting more familiar with linux and the linux command line. Now I’ll be a better Software Support and Development Engineer. As a result of this specific job, I’ll also now better able to go troubleshoot a WordPress plugin symptom on my live server.

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