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In phpLiteAdmin for CURRENT_TIMESTAMP Function How do I Force the Timestamp to Non-UTC?

I haven’t solved this one yet.

The column of a table that has default value of the CURRENT_TIMESTAMP function, always ends up in UTC.

What I’ve done:

Put this one-line date_default_timezone_set function setting at the top of the script. Like had worked for my ‘log’ script line 36 on github:
( https://github.com/mjassen/log/blob/a3...67/log.php )
This didn’t work.

Search the source code for:
, to figure out how to override it. I found little reference to this string, which tells me it may actually be sent to, and ‘timestamped’ by, sqlite, not phpLiteAdmin.

Searched bing for:
sqlite CURRENT_TIMESTAMP timezone
Which came up with a link to:
“Sqlite: CURRENT_TIMESTAMP is in GMT, not the timezone of the machine”
I haven’t yet been able to use this to solve my issue…

Possible next step– I think it’s time to get help on this– reach out to a colleague or to someone on a public forum to ask for help with this question.

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