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Mac Mail Mark as Read Keyboard Shortcut

In Mac Mail I get automated email messages from an integration service throughout the day. I don’t want to delete these messages, or read them right now, but I want to quickly mark them as read and leave them in my inbox in case I later want to refer to them. Until now I’ve been clicking on them so it opens it up in the reading pane and marks it as read.

But the problem is that sometimes I get multiple messages comprising a conversation– and opening the latest message doesn’t mark all the messages in that thread as read. So I’d either scroll down as if reading them, or I’d right-click (control + click) on them and choose mark as read.

Well, no more! Now I searched bing for:
mac mail mark as read keyboard shortcut

Which came up with the first hit as:

“Lion Mail: Keyboard shortcuts” ( http://support.apple.com/kb/PH4775 )

On that page it tells me the keyboard shortcut for how to in Mac Mail mark (a) message(s) “mark as read”:
Command + Shift + U

I tried it and indeed it marks them as read– even messages in a highlighted conversation– just as if i had highlighted the conversation and done the (control + click)-on-them-and-choose-mark-as-read.

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