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Using Apple Calendar as a Task Manager

Now I use Apple Calendar as a task manager.

I wrote about “Using phpLiteAdmin as a Daily Task Tracker and a Work Activity Log” ( http://wieldlinux.com/?p=102 )

However it was a separate system and I’m already using Apple Calendar for my work calendar. Tasks are similar to, yet different from, calendar events. They should go in different parts of the same screen. It works better for me to use one software for both the Task Tracker and calendar.

I tried using phpLiteAdmin as both my calendar and task tracker, but it was too cumbersome.

So now I use Apple Calendar as my calendar and task tracker, and it works. I have multiple “calendars” displaying in one window. For example my google “calendar” and my “on my mac” “calendar” both show up on the screen side-by-side (intermixed with each other, each using a different color to distinguish)

My work flow is like this:
– From colleagues I get google calendar invites which show up on my calendar as an event at the given date and time.
– I can create events on the calendar at a given date and time.
– I can create tasks which show up in a separate section of the calendar.

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