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For Blog Posts Moving Away From WordPress To LibreOffice

For blog posts I’m moving away from WordPress and moving to LibreOffice. This is in contrast my old way, which was to write a blog post in plain text editor and then paste it into WordPress WYSIWYG editor and then create the images and upload the images into WordPress and then link the images to the blog post.

Here’s my new process for writing a blog post. Open LibreOffice and choose: “File > New > HTML Document”. Type my blog post there. Create the images and use the “Insert > From File…” to insert the image. Save by choosing “File > Save” (saves as .html file, and the image(s), if any, are base64-encoded into the single .html file – meaning no links to external image files)

My dream is to instead of having my plog posts all in WordPress in the form of one-database-plus-many-image-files, I instead will have many html files, each representing one complete-with-images blog post.

I like this because I’ll write the blog posts in the same format they’re posted in. Publishing the post is a matter of copying+pasting the HTML file into the web server directory.

What would the alternative have been to keep all my files neat in one place?… Perhaps staying in WordPress and pasting each blog post (including base64-encoded images) into the text editor.

What I like about this is, say I later want to move back to WordPress, or another publishing system such as bigtincan hub — All I have to do is copy+paste the html of each of the html files into the text editor of the publishing system. (tested and both aforementioned publishing systems currently have some support for pasting html including base64-encoded images.)

a food image:

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