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Review of 2014-Oct-8th Gigaom Chrome Show Podcast on What Chrome and Chromebook Is and Isn’t

Something struck me from the Oct. 8th, 2014 episode of the Gigaom Chrome Show podcast. (podcast On iTunes.) ( 2014-Oct-08 Gigaom >> Chrome Show “Chrome Show: Another Tegra-powered Chromebook arrives; this time from HP” )

One of the hosts during the episode matter-of-factly stated that a chromebook is the web– said so while discussing something else. In other words the point of their speech at that moment was something else, and a supporting argument was the fact that the Chromebook is simply a way to access the web.

Here are some other points one or the other of the hosts made:
– In an obvious manner one of the show hosts implied that a Chromebook is different than Linux and is different than Windows 10.

– One of the hosts said that with a Chromebook one needs maybe 4GB of memory, and not much storage disk space because of the fact that Google provides Chromebook users with 200GB of cloud storage along with the user’s Chromebook.

– One of the hosts made a comment that for some computer hardware or software, when it reaches between 3-5 years old it needs to be updated or replaced.

– The hosts discussed current prices for chromebooks ranging from the two hundred- to- five hundred- dollar range.

This Gigaom Chrome Show podcast episode really taught me that Google has a strong solution to own my entire user experience– all the way from the hardware to the software to the data storage. A picture has now been painted in my mind of me having a Chromebook and nothing else (no Mac no Windows no Phone no Tablet no usb-flash-drive-to-store-files). A picture has been painted of me using a/the Chromebook as a tool to leverage Google Chrome Browser, which I’m in turn using as a tool to leverage Google’s web services. A picture has been painted of me living that way going forward, and every two-or-three years discarding my old Chromebook for a new, more-performant inexpensive Chromebook.

In other words, I really enjoyed in this episode hearing the podcast hosts’ perspective on what Chrome and Chromebook is, and what it isn’t.

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