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Quantifying my Software Support Engineer Performance

Adapting to what I read on supportops.co ( http://supportops.co/focusing-on-replies-and-response-time/ ) and from the page it linked.

I’m having an urgent need to quantify my performance as a Software Support Engineer. Its a service job, so compared to a job producing a product I found its been hard to quantify.

I made these initial goals for myself as a Software Support Engineer:

– Number of replies per case should be between 4 and 6.

– Number of resolved cases per day should be between 3 and 4.

– Number of hours between replies per case should be between 4 and 24. (i.e. between 4 and 5 business-hours)

I’ll start taking measurements- my table will look like this, with a tag at the end of each record saying whether it was a “replied” task progression or a “resolved” task progression:


“2014-09-12 08:31:09″,”Jane Doe ticket#54321″,”replied”

“2014-09-12 10:23:27″,”John Doe ticket#12345″,”replied”

“2014-09-12 15:27:30″,”John Doe ticket#12345″,”replied”

“2014-09-12 16:10:55″,”John Doe ticket#12345″,”resolved”

Number-of-replies-per-case, number-of-resolved-cases-per-day and number-of-hours-between-replies-for-a-case are the “Goals” metrics I want to be able to go back and calculate.

Each time I reply to a case, I’ll record the timestamp and the case-ID.

Each time I resolve a case, I’ll record the flag-that-says-I-resolved-a-case.

From these data points I’ll be able to calculate the three “Goals” metrics above.

In the example above I’d calculate that I replied twice to John Doe’s case and then resolved it, with 5 and then 1 hours in between responses, respectively. At least that’s the idea.

So excited to see how my performance quantifies! Where to go from there? –I’m imagining blogging my performance results and telling my colleagues about these results. Also I can measure my performance for one period and then for another period, and then I’ll have a solid numbers to compare how I performed in the first period compared to the second period.



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