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note: originally published 2012-07-26 at a different domain name and url.

I wanted to merge an old lyrics table with a new lyrics table, to form one new complete lyrics table.  At first I thought the best way was to dump the old lyrics table into a .csv file and then import it into the new table.  But the export options that i specified in phpmyadmin always ended in more rows being imported than i knew were there.
Then, since the old and new lyrics tables are both mysql database tables, i decided to dump the old table in sql format instead.  The lesson i learned is when exporting and importing between mysql tables, use SQL format dump file instead of .csv format dump file.
However I couldn’t find a way to dump the data into a sql file that didn’t use the table name to reference the table during the import.  So after i dumped the .sql file, I did a find and replace command on the text file to replace instances of the old table name with the new table name.

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