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Chrome Browser New Tab Window Shows my Bookmarks

Chrome browser along the top of the New Tab window shows my bookmarks.

Applies to:
– Chrome browser Version 38.0.2125.104 for Mac

In Chrome browser clicking the New tab button shows the New Tab window with my bookmarks along the top.

I mean in Chrome browser, when I have “Show Bookmarks Bar” disabled then when I click the New Tab button, the New Tab window comes up with my Bookmarks. This is exactly what I want to happen.

I don’t want to have the extra clutter of showing the Bookmarks Bar. But I do want to be able to quickly open a new tab and then open one of my bookmarks.

In comparison, in Firefox, upon initial check in Firefox 33.0 for Mac, Firefox didn’t have this feature. (not by default on my installation, anyway)

Descriptive screenshot here:

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