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2014 Blog Posts

 2014-12-31 - Google Chrome Browser How to Pin a Tab to the Tab Bar

 2014-12-27 In the Desk.com Case List Teammates’ Cases-being-worked are Highlighted Gray

 2014-12-17 - For an IT professional it’s a Skill to get an Answer

 2014-12-09 - Using phpLiteAdmin as a Daily Task Tracker and a Work Activity Log

 2014-12-06 - The mzz-pendingcomment helper plugin for CollabPress for WordPress

 2014-11-17 - For a Software Support Engineer a Note on the Relevance of Professional References

 2014-11-13 - How Much Does WordPress Cost?

 2014-11-04 21:44 - Into What Role Does a Software Support Engineer Grow?

 2014-11-04 05:05 - On a Dual Boot Ubuntu and Windows PC How to Modify Grub Boot Menu Screen Resolution

 2014-10-27 - Between Sydney and the United States Doing Software Customer Support?

 2014-10-23 - Windows and Ubuntu Dual Boot – How to by Default Boot to Windows

 2014-10-20 - On Ubuntu OS on Firefox Browser Installng Flash to Make Pandora Work

 2014-10-17 - Switching from Chrome Browser to Chromium Browser

 2014-10-14 - Switching to Chrome Browser

 2014-10-07 - Inspirational Documentary about Women in STEM ( Science- Technology- Engineering- Mathematics )

 2014-10-04 - For a .doc Document in LibreOffice Writer How to Make A Table of Contents

 2014-10-03 - A Helper Plugin that Puts CrazyStat Include Tag in the WordPress Footer

 2014-09-29 - Creating a Software Map to Learn Software and to Test Software

 2014-09-22 07:25 - Using CollabPress as a Daily Task Tracker and a Work Activity Log for Software Customer Support

 2014-09-22 07:05 - Map of my Track for the 2014 WWWP5K 5K Run on 2014-09-19

 2014-09-12 - Hack core. Just don’t hack core alone.

 2014-08-14 - Using SugarCRM CE as a Daily Task Tracker and a Work Activity Log

 2014-07-01 - Where it is Discussed the Difference Between the Role of Software Support Forum Moderator Support Person and Software Troubleshooting Support Person

 2014-06-28 - In Trello How to Create Multiple Cards with Copy and Paste

 2014-06-27 - A Script to Create a Log – a Log that is a Text Field that Stores Notes

 2014-06-26 - How to Symmetric Password Encrypt a File on Mac with GPGTools GPGServices and then Decrypt it on Windows with Gpg4win Kleopatra

 2014-06-06 - Software Customer Support and a Software Feature Request

 2014-05-29 - Having a Single Software Customer Support Document that Represents the Software to Everyone

 2014-05-08 - Description of how I installed CrazyStat on WordPress 3.9

 2014-05-06 - A LAMP PHP Script that Takes an Email Address and Inputs it Into a MySQL Database

 2014-04-20 - A Morning-to-Night Day in the Life of a Software Support Engineer

2014-04-06 - It’s Excellent and There is no Downside for a Saas Provider to Provide the Performance Interruption Status Message to Customers

 2014-04-04 - A PHP Script to Output Chinese Characters as Individual .jpg Picture Files

 2014-03-30 - A Software Support Engineer must Mention their Concern Early to their Colleagues

 2014-03-24 - Why Do WordPress? Spoiler: Because it is School.

 2014-03-09 - For a Software Support Engineer, Triaging Cases is Different than Working on Cases

 2014-02-12 - Here’s the code for the pascal’s triangle javascript challenge that I did.

 2014-02-02 - It’s valuable for a Software Support Engineer to review and shorten a too-wordy draft of their customer support response.

 2014-01-18 - 60 Days Later – Reflection on A List of IT Professional Career building Activities