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Google Chrome Browser How to Pin a Tab to the Tab Bar

Today I learned how to in Google Chrome browser pin a tab to the tab bar. Right-click (control+click on Mac) on the browser tab and choose “Pin Tab”. When the tab becomes pinned it becomes small(only the favicon shows, not the text), it zooms (justifies) to the left and the “x” (the close button) disappears (so the tab can’t easily be closed).

Pinning a browser tab to the tab bar makes the browser tab take up less space. For me, this feature will compete with bookmarks feature– right now I have my favorite web pages bookmarked on the bookmark toolbar.

Thanks to Support Hangout Episode #17 ( http://supportops.co/support-hangout-episode-17/ ) for this tip. On that page this tip is located where it says: “From Carolyn – Chrome’s option to pin a tab.” That in turn links to the google support page that tells how to pin a tab (Chrome > Help > Tabs and windows > Arrange tabs..) ( https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95622?hl=en )

Update note : two months after the “today” mentioned above, after having tried browser tabs for a while. I now don’t use the pin-a-tab feature. Daily I do use Chrome and daily I use the bookmark toolbar.

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