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The mzz-pendingcomment helper plugin for CollabPress for WordPress

Now posted is the Mzz Pendingcomment helper plugin on GitHub. This WordPress plugin in effect changes the functionality of CollabPress WordPress plugin — as they are made sets CollabPress comments to pending.

In other words it overrides the default behavior of CollabPress which is to always set a new comment’s status to “published”.

[2017-01-21 edit: Here is a link to the plugin (it's source code) on github: https://github.com/mjassen/mzz-pendingcomment]

This plugin adds one specific functionality to the existing CollabPress solution, without hacking the CollabPress core code.

This plugin is an open source software script.

Making this plugin took some iterations, research and trials. The reward is that it integrates with the existing software to change its functionality.

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