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2014-11-13 23:43:40

How Much Does WordPress Cost?

I can’t afford WordPress. Wait– I mean that I can’t afford WordCamp not that I can’t afford WordPress.

This weekend it would cost $30 plus the cost of parking and gas to attend the nearby WordCamp. But I’m on a budget. A really strict budget and so I can’t afford it. Okay so I was exaggerating about not affording WordPress, I meant WordCamp.

How much does WordPress cost? Well for self-hosting the cheapest I could make it was to use my living room server with $30/yr. dns service and a $10/yr. domain name. That amounted to a live internet WordPress site for a total of $40/yr. Another option that I’m now using is shared hosting which costs me $82/yr. (that includes one domain name).

How much does WordPress cost? In conclusion, right now, I can’t afford WordCamp– but in a way that’s just a reminder how priceless WordPress is. And in fact I can afford WordPress. Right now for me WordPress costs $82/yr.

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