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2014-10-17 21:21:18

Switching from Chrome Browser to Chromium Browser

I recently wrote about Switching to Chrome Browser. Now I switched my default browser to Chromium browser. I did so in an attempt to become closer to the Chrome browser software developer community. For example I’d expect that the code discussed committed in today’s #chromium IRC channel will appear in Chromium browser by tomorrow whereas it will be some weeks later before the same code appears in the stable Chrome browser.

It was scary and I avoided doing so in the past. It was scary because on the Chromium.org website there are numerous warnings to not use Chromium browser, recommending to instead use Chrome browser or Chrome canary browser. There are warnings that it is unstable and that it doesn’t have auto-updates.

After having made the move, I see that Chromium browser acts similarly to Chrome browser. After having made the move, I’m no longer scared. When needed I can still run Chrome browser side-by-side with Chromium browser.

In conclusion, I’ve moved to Chromium browser for my default web browser. It was scary at first. Now that I made the move it isn’t scary any more.

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