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2014-10-14 22:35:02

Switching to Chrome Browser

Today I switched my default browser to Chrome. Why switch to Chrome? Because the app I depend on most works best in Chrome. The app I depend on most is supported first in Chrome.

I opened Chrome browser, added all my daily-use bookmarked websites and saved passwords, and moved the Chrome icon to the front on my Mac OS X task bar.

In Firefox browser I removed my bookmarks and saved passwords, and moved the Firefox icon to the back of my Mac OS X task bar.

The first few times I needed to use a browser, I clicked on Firefox out of habit. When I saw that my bookmarks and saved passwords were gone, I remembered that I had switched to Chrome. After about half-day, I already remembered to use Chrome instead of Firefox.

In conclusion, today I switched from Firefox to Chrome. It took some effort but within about half a day I was effectively switched over.

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