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2014-09-29 07:29:21

Creating a Software Map to Learn Software and to Test Software

This morning I progressed the Software Map for a software that I’m

I’m refining my Software map process.

I use a spreadsheet and indent one cell for each significant
screen change.

For example the login screen has two text boxes and a button so it
has three elements. I describe them. Clicking the login button moves
to the Home page so I indent one column in my Software map
spreadsheet and on the next row/cell I continue to describe the Home

In this way I will describe the entire software application. The
benefits to me are that I will use the entire software application so
I’ll become skilled at using it. In other words, I’ll learn the app.

Later, one use of the software map document will be manual
software testing. Since I’ll have a written tree map of the
software’s interface, any time I need to test the software I can just
recurse/step through the map.(throught the spreadsheet) If I need to
report my test results then at each step I can take a note and report
the notes.

I can apply this Software map process to mapping any software. The
same benefits will apply in each case– the mapping process and the
map will allow me to learn the software and to facilitate testing the

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