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Using CollabPress as a Daily Task Tracker and a Work Activity Log for Software Customer Support

I use CollabPress as a daily task tracker and a work activity log for software customer support. Here’s my workflow.

When I take on a new task– for example from a customer or a co-worker, I create a new task by going to the CollabPress "Tasks" page, scrolling to the bottom and clicking on the "+Add new task" link. This brings up the Add Task lightbox where I enter a Description and Due Date and click the Submit button. Depending on the urgency or priority of the issue I can set the Due Date today as opposed to tomorrow or further in the future.

When it’s time to triage or work on my tasks, I use CollabPress’ Calendar view. This shows me all my tasks laid out, by Due Date, in a monthly calendar view. So I work on today’s tasks and when they’re finised I work on tomorrow’s tasks.

On the calendar view, clicking on a task brings up its details. In this screen I can check the checkbox next to the task’s title which closes the task. I can type a note in the "Leave a comment" box and click Submit, which makes a timestamped note. I do this when I’ve significantly progressed the software customer support case.

For reporting, if I want to see for the past week all the notes I made along with their time+date stamps and which task the note applied to, I haven’t figured out how within CollabPress. For now I made a SQL query on the MySQL database that gives me this:

SELECT wp_comments.comment_date_gmt, wp_posts.post_title, wp_comments.comment_content

FROM wp_comments

JOIN wp_posts ON (wp_posts.ID = wp_comments.comment_post_ID)

WHERE comment_type = collabpress ORDER BY wp_comments.comment_date_gmt DESC;

As a Software Customer Support Engineer That’s how I use CollabPress as a daily task tracker and a work activity log.

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