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2014-09-12 06:39:03

Hack core. Just don’t hack core alone.

I’ve read so many times to never hack core. Yet is that different
from editing a software’s core code? To learn software development I
need to edit a software’s core code.

I have read other people who write that it’s necessary to hack
core to learn.

My conclusion is that one should hack core, just don’t hack core

How to do this? How about hack core to modify whatever edit is
desired to make. Then submit the hack to the core dev. of that
software as a software enhancement patch.

If the core software developer isn’t reachable, then find another
way to publish or share the hack with others.

In other words, if one is sharing one’s hacks then its not hacking
core, it’s editing software– it’s being a software developer. Hack
core. Just don’t hack core alone.

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