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2014-08-14 21:46:25

Using SugarCRM CE as a Daily Task Tracker and a Work Activity Log

I’ve been looking for a software to track my daily Software
Support Engineer tasks and to log my daily activity related to these

I had been using Trello.com for daily task tracker (to-do list),
and gitrdone php script
to log my daily activity.

I’m now trying SugarCRM CE (community edition) to track tasks and

To hide unused menu items and de-clutter the top menu, I went into
"Admin" > "Display Modules and Subpanels" and
dragged-and-dropped all but the "Tasks" and "Notes"
modules from "Displayed Modules" to "Hidden Modules".

For tasks, to streamline the list view that I see when viewing the
grid/list of all open tasks, I hid all but the "Close",
"Date Created", "Priority" and "Subject"
columns by going into "Admin" > "Studio" >
"Tasks" > "Layouts" > "ListView"
and dragging-and-dropping only these four choices into the "Default"
column (leaving in the "Available" or "Hidden"
columns the choices corresponding to the other task grid/list
columns) Screenshot here of my tasks list interface:

For notes, to streamline the list view I did pretty much the same
thing and hid all but the "Date Created", "Related To"
and "Subject" columns. Screenshot here of my notes list

So my work flow on this setup is like this:

When I get a new task, such as from a Software Customer Support
ticket system, from my software support engineer colleague or from my
sales colleague or from somewhere, I enter it as a new task, which
shows up in my list of tasks. I can sort my list of tasks by Date
Created or by Priority or by Subject. When I solve the task I can
mark it as Closed. This constitutes my to-do list, so all my tasks
are in one place, and so I don’t forget any of them (even when my
brain got full).

Throughout the day when I finish a task or even part of a task,
under that task I can click the "Create Note or Attachment"
button to create a new note related to that task. This creates a
log/record of what I’ve done throughout each day. At the end of the
week I can report on this– I use this to either make a report of
what I’ve done to give to my boss, or to review and re-write into a
blog post to share with everybody what I accomplished that week!

That’s how I’ve started using SugarCRM as a daily task tracker and
a work activity log.

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