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2014-06-06 06:41:50

Software Customer Support and a Software Feature Request

First I watched this SupportOps.co episode #10, talks about “the
customer is always right”:

( "Support Hangout Episode #10 – August 15, 2013 by Chase
Clemons" http://supportops.co/support-hangout-episode-10

At ~13:00 starts talking about "the customer is always
right", then ~15:50 starts talking about customer adamant about
a feature request.

Then I Bing-ed/searched and found this article where someone
states their thoughts on feature requests, and then tens of
commenters take over with their views. But there was great discussion
of where a "requirements document" comes into play to
define a feature request vs. a bug request, and also where cost and
who is sponsoring the developers’ time comes into play.:


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