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Description of how I installed CrazyStat on WordPress 3.9

I uploaded the CrazyStat ‘stat’ directory into the root of my WordPress directory. (So now in my WordPress website directory I have the ‘stat’ folder alongside of the other folders (alongside ‘wp-admin’ folder, etc.)

Now I needed to paste the CrazyStat code in the footer file of my WordPress theme (as per this blog post: http://blog.christosoft.de/2012/04/how-to-include-crazystat-in-wordpress/ )

*but* I don’t want my footer.php file to get overwritten when I update WordPress. So I want to put it in a child theme.

So I get the help of this tutorial:

So next to my Twenty Fourteen theme ( ‘/wp-content/themes/twentyfourteen’ ), I created a new child theme by
making a new folder for the child theme, and I decide to call it twentyfourteenchildtheme. So like this:

And in the twentyfourteenchildtheme I create only two files: footer.php and style.css.

The contents of style.css is this which I got from that codex.wordpress.org link above:


Theme Name: Twenty Fourteen Child

Theme URI: http://example.com/twenty-fourteen-child/

Description: Twenty Fourteen Child Theme

Author: John Doe

Author URI: http://example.com

Template: twentyfourteen

Version: 1.0.0

Tags: light, dark, two-columns, right-sidebar,
responsive-layout, accessibility-ready

Text Domain: twenty-fourteen-child


@import url("../twentyfourteen/style.css");

/* =Theme customization starts here

————————————————————– */

And the contents of footer.php is the footer.php copied from the twentyfourteen theme, but with the CrazyStat line (two lines actually, although the "<?php @include_once("stat/src/include.php"); ?>" is the only necessary one) added near the bottom:

[See: ../uploads/2014-05-08_01.html ]

And that’s it. (I didn’t have to change anything in the ‘stat’ directory or its subfolders)

I did for security reasons want to change the CrazyStat directory away from the default of ‘stat’, however, I tried and something went wrong, so I ended up just using the default of CrazyStat directory name of ‘stat’.

And now I can login to "http://(my web site .com)/stat" and see if, and how many, people are visiting my WordPress website!

Finally, Thank you to WordPress and CrazyStat people.

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