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2014-04-20 09:40:35

A Morning-to-Night Day in the Life of a Software Support Engineer


– Communicating details of Customer Company A troubleshooting case
with Colleague A, B for help.

– End partner/reseller call With their coordinator and their team.

– Worked to arrange Customer Company A case.

– Worked on Customer Company B cases, three separate cases/issues.

– Worked on Customer Company B, a case.

– Working on Customer Company B, a case.

– Triaged cases specifically to bring Customer Company B cases to
the top. Current List: (14 individual tickets)

– Troubleshooted Partner Software Product user issue with
colleague B via email

– Customer Company B, their coordinator –per colleague C. I
responded as top priority

– Triaged cases. responed internal email requests.

– Internal call with colleague A

– Triaged and closed a Colleague D. support request.

– Re-assessed my inability to do the Customer Company C
administrative task- reached out to team to keep them informed of

– Closed a few tickets. created a few tickets. responded to
Colleague E.

– Responded to Customer Company B, one ticket.

– Called with Colleague B to recap Company D next-steps


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